Kiss Scene rough sketches - Drawing for Boys Love (Yaoi)‘  A 103 page book/CD rom with male/male kissing scenes, from many different angles, for artist drawing references.

Other art references like this can be found here:

A fabulous fuck-ton of male/male love references (per request).

And I’m gonna add the following:
DO NOT JUDGE THE IMAGES BY THE PIXELATED THUMBNAILS. These are very good/accurate poses once you enlarge ‘em (I wouldn’t be sharin’ ‘em if they weren’t).



I had so many feelings from the latest chapter that I had to draw a comic for my favorite brotp in Naruto. Because Gai is ALIVEEEEE OTL

Set a bit after this picture. I can’t believe I made an AU of a fanart of a fanfic, that’s some crazy FANCEPTION right there!! 

Dedicated to the love of my fandom life Neonanything. You’re the best. THE BEST.

(you might need to click on each image to see it a little better!)